triple salmon
tumbling brooch


Gésine Hackenberg

83 x 70 x 30 mm

Mouth-blown glass by Cornelius Réer, cut and grinded, silver, remanium.

‘When life suddenly falters, new energy gets released’.

This experience inspired Gésine Hackenberg to make jewellery that explores
the perception or repetitive circular movements.
She believes objects that a person keeps and owns, often contains an
emotional value next to its practical function.
Her Tumbling brooches, necklaces and earrings depict the dynamics of tumbling and spinning. Edges and rings of subtly tinted glass are arranged in spatial rhythms. The play on different shades of colour reinforces the movement in space and time. Hackenberg allows the wearer to be part of the precarious moment between falling apart or regaining balance. Falter not fall is in line with Gésine's aim to change everyday life into objects that can symbolise a personal sense of life.

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