-the gallery represents the following artists:

alexander blank ︎ karin roy andersson ︎jiro kamata
gesine hackenberg ︎ alejandra solar ︎ ruudt peters
edu tarin ︎ patricia domingues ︎ cynthia jacobs
florian milker ︎ emma gregory ︎ ami masamitsu
jantje fleischhut ︎ benedikt fischer ︎ jelizaveta suska
karin johansson ︎ arnaud sprimont ︎ jeannette jansen
annemie de corte ︎ lin cheung ︎ noon passama
marc monzó ︎ carolina apolonia ︎ marcus biesecke
shachar cohen ︎ aaron decker ︎ helen friesacher
kiko gianocca ︎ adam grinovich ︎ darja popolitova
timothy veske-mcmahon ︎ julia walter ︎ brian weissman
julia maria künnap ︎ hansel tai ︎ christoph weisshaar 
︎andreea cojocaru


Sint-Jorispoort 27
2000 Antwerpen

+32 472 420683



Pourbusstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen




Nov  19 - 20, 2021

To Be
Nov 26 - 27 -28, 2021

Munich Jewellery Week
March 10 - 14, 2022


Galerie beyond is based in Antwerp since the year 2000 and active as a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery. The gallery represents Belgian and International artists who are committed to develop art jewellery that are mostly one of a kind and communicating the artists' inspiration or free expression.

Covid-19 has forced us to rethink our strategy and we have recently reorganised our art space as a work-in-process gallery and studio. We are now putting more focus on presentations which are ongoing and changing installations instead of the more static exhibitions and openings which we have organised in the past.

In order to connect with our customers and audience worldwide we aim to be more present in the virtual world and are regularly sending out newsletters that highlight a fine selection of the newest work in the field.  This website will gradually become an archive of our gallery and a tribute to the artists we represent.

The installations in the gallery are changing on a regular basis in cooperation with promising or established talent and are an inspiring selection of art jewellery, objects and visuals.
Our events such as ‘Round Table’ and ‘7 min in heaven’ will continue to take place.

We are welcoming you in a warm and artistic vibe but only by appointment.
Be our guest and book your private gallery experience !
Bookings are possible from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Not able to come to Antwerp ?

Then do not hesitate to schedule a virtual visit.
We  will virtually show you the gallery space, our collection and will be happy to answer your questions. These virtual visits take place via whatsapp video. You will be contacted by us via whatsapp at the time you booked your visit. Please provide your telephone number when booking online.  

Collect art jewellery with your heart and in a conscious way.
Let us work together to offer artists a permanent platform.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Book your physical or virtual gallery visit now ︎︎

With best regards and hope to see you soon !

Karin De Buysere
René Darmont


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