The Space in Between

It is the space between my words
the spacebar you don’t see
nor hear
The emptiness between stars
between the end and the start of drawn lines
between notes of a masters composition
between your heart and mine

The colors you can’t see
but imagine
The blackness after a film
no credits follow the event
The scariness of weightlessness
before you hit the ground
The tumbling down
into a crack in the tiles

It is the ineffable question mark
to which we can’t assign a number
It is the thin space
between blood and vein
between a lie and a fact
between religion and sect
it is the closing of an eye
just before it winks

When words come short
they are covered
by the space in between
the shadows of a circle
where Nemo resides
before his ship disappears
into the unsettling deep
where nothing is done
and done over again
again until it rains in the room
the cellar of the mind
because the space in between
is like the back of the moon

It’s okay, don’t be afraid

by Jasper Coremans

jantje fleischhut

ruudt peters
BARA pectus

concept and styling : galerie beyond
models : jasper coremans and anastasiya slanko
photography : victor darmont

︎rené darmont - all rights reserved - 2024