unique set of 3 pieces

photo : wouter stelwagen

a. silver, found plastic, resin
b. steel, resin, steelpowder
c. silver rhodium-plated, steel, agate

set of 3 brooches

Jantje Fleischhut's MOTION, tells us about her fascination for the infinite universe and the cloudy information of the back of the moon.
The 5° inclined lunar orbit and its elliptical shape leave 41 percent of the moon's surface hidden from the earth.
For Jantje Fleischhut, this is where the 41% conception in the shade begins.
The results are clear and very fine constellations in material, a variety of jewellery elements that meet in a set of 3 pieces.

All elements can be positioned differently by the wearer. The image of the back of the moon is in motion !


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