Delayed Reactions
Opaque by
lin cheung


unique piece

42 x 42 x 8 mm 
agate, 18k yellow gold

Lin Cheung references normal, traditional, understated jewelleryforms and uses standard materials and techniques, then deftly twists these conventions through subtle subversions.

Her work explores the conceptual core of her medium of choice but is far from being overtly cerebral or self-referential: starting from a longstanding preoccupation with jewellery, it opens up observations concerning current affairs, gender issues and the everyday.

Delayed Reactions explores the paradoxes immanent to the form of the badge-pin. Does a material like stone amplify the meaning of a badge pin, making it more convincing or permanent, or would the use of ‘noble’ materials undermine its purpose? Is the form of the badge substance?
Can a badge be an ornament?

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